iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16 Full Version Activated 2024

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Introduction to iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16

iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16 is an advanced yet user-friendly software tailored for pet boarding facilities, kennels, and pet hotels. This software offers a comprehensive suite of tools to efficiently manage reservations, bookings, pet records, and financial transactions. Whether managing a small pet boarding house or a larger-scale pet care facility, iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16 streamlines operations, enhances customer service, and optimizes business performance.

Key Features:

1. Reservation Management:

Efficiently manages pet reservations, tracks booking status, and monitors availability of kennels or rooms for pets.

2. Customer Database:

Builds a comprehensive customer database with pet and owner details, allowing easy retrieval of information for future bookings or inquiries.

3. Pet Profiles:

Records detailed information about pets including breed, medical history, dietary needs, and special care requirements.

4. Booking Calendar:

Visualizes reservations and bookings through an intuitive calendar interface, simplifying the monitoring of occupancy and availability.

5. Online Reservations:

Enables pet owners to make reservations online, streamlining the booking process and reducing administrative workload.

6. Payment Processing:

Manages billing and invoicing, tracks payments, and handles various payment methods for pet boarding services.

7. Staff Management:

Manages staff schedules, roles, and responsibilities within the kennel or pet care facility.

8. Reporting and Analytics:

Generates detailed reports on bookings, revenue, occupancy rates, and other key metrics for strategic decision-making.

9. Email Notifications:

Sends automated email notifications to clients for booking confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups.

10. Security and Backups:

Ensures data security and offers backup options to prevent data loss and maintain information integrity.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and later versions (32-bit or 64-bit).


Intel Core i3 or equivalent processor.


Minimum of 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended).


At least 100MB of available hard disk space.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16

Q: Is iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16 a pre-activated full version?

A: No, users need to purchase a valid license or subscription to activate the full features of iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16.

Q: Can this software manage multiple kennels or locations?

A: Yes, iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16 is designed to manage multiple kennels or locations within the same interface, offering seamless management capabilities.

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