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StoryBoard Quick 6.0 is a feature-rich software designed to streamline the process of creating visual storyboards for film, television, and multimedia projects. This latest version brings an array of enhancements, providing users with an intuitive and efficient platform to visualize their ideas and storytelling concepts. Storyboard creation is a critical step in the pre-production phase of any visual project, and StoryBoard Quick 6.0 caters to both professionals and aspiring creators by offering a user-friendly interface coupled with powerful features that facilitate the seamless translation of ideas into compelling visual narratives.

Whether you are a filmmaker, screenwriter, or multimedia content creator, StoryBoard Quick 6.0 accelerates the storyboarding process. The software enables users to quickly sketch scenes, arrange shots, and experiment with visual sequences, fostering creativity and collaboration. With a library of pre-drawn characters, props, and environments, StoryBoard Quick 6.0 simplifies the storyboarding workflow, allowing users to focus on the creative aspect of storytelling while ensuring a professional and polished outcome. From initial concept to the final shot, StoryBoard Quick 6.0 is a versatile tool that empowers storytellers to bring their visions to life with ease.

Key Features

1. Rapid Storyboarding

Create storyboards quickly and efficiently with StoryBoard Quick 6.0‘s user-friendly interface. The software allows users to sketch scenes, arrange shots, and experiment with visual sequences, accelerating the pre-production process.

2. Extensive Library

Access a vast library of pre-drawn characters, props, and environments to enhance your storyboards. StoryBoard Quick 6.0 provides a diverse set of visual elements, allowing users to easily populate scenes and convey their creative vision effectively.

3. Collaboration Tools

Facilitate collaboration among team members with StoryBoard Quick 6.0‘s built-in collaboration tools. Share storyboards with colleagues and clients, receive feedback, and make real-time adjustments, ensuring a smooth and collaborative production process.

4. Shot Direction and Camera Angles

Specify shot direction and camera angles with precision. StoryBoard Quick 6.0 empowers users to plan and visualize each shot, ensuring a cohesive and well-structured visual narrative for film, television, or multimedia projects.

5. Export and Sharing Options

Export storyboards in various formats and share them seamlessly with team members. StoryBoard Quick 6.0 supports common file formats, making it easy to integrate storyboards into the production pipeline and share them across different platforms.

6. Customization Capabilities

Customize characters, props, and scenes to match your creative vision. StoryBoard Quick 6.0 offers extensive customization capabilities, allowing users to tailor visual elements to suit the specific requirements of their projects.

7. Timeline and Sequencing

Organize scenes and shots on a timeline to visualize the flow of your story. StoryBoard Quick 6.0 provides a comprehensive timeline feature, enabling users to plan and sequence their visual narratives with precision and clarity.

8. Multi-Platform Compatibility

Enjoy the flexibility of using StoryBoard Quick 6.0 on multiple platforms. The software is compatible with both Windows and macOS, allowing users to work seamlessly across different operating systems and environments.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 7/8/10 or macOS 10.12 and later


Minimum 2GB, recommended 4GB or more


Minimum 2GB of free disk space


1 GHz or faster


1024×768 resolution or higher


Q: Is StoryBoard Quick 6.0 available as a pre-activated full version?

A: No, the software requires activation after installation. Users can obtain the activation key upon purchasing the license.

Q: Can I collaborate with others using StoryBoard Quick 6.0?

A: Yes, StoryBoard Quick 6.0 includes collaboration tools, allowing users to share storyboards, receive feedback, and collaborate seamlessly with team members.

Q: What export options are available in StoryBoard Quick 6.0?

A: StoryBoard Quick 6.0 supports various export formats, making it easy to share storyboards in common file formats compatible with different platforms and production workflows.

Q: Does StoryBoard Quick 6.0 offer customization for visual elements?

A: Absolutely, StoryBoard Quick 6.0 provides extensive customization capabilities, allowing users to tailor characters, props, and scenes to match the unique requirements of their projects.

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