Uconomix uMark PDF Watermarker Professional 1.2 Full Version Activated 2024

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Welcome to Uconomix uMark PDF Watermarker Professional 1.2

Uconomix uMark PDF Watermarker Professional 1.2 is an advanced solution designed for professionals and businesses seeking comprehensive PDF watermarking capabilities. This powerful software goes beyond basic watermarking, offering a range of features to protect and personalize your PDF documents. With an intuitive interface and robust functionality, uMark PDF Watermarker Professional 1.2 empowers users to add watermarks, logos, and stamps to their PDF files efficiently. Whether you’re safeguarding confidential documents or branding your company’s PDFs, this latest version ensures a seamless and feature-rich experience for watermarking PDFs with precision and ease.

Version 1.2 introduces enhancements to uMark PDF Watermarker Professional, making it an indispensable tool for professionals dealing with PDF documents. From customizable watermark placement to batch processing capabilities, this release provides users with the flexibility and efficiency needed to meet diverse watermarking requirements. Discover the full potential of uMark PDF Watermarker Professional 1.2 and elevate your PDF document security and branding to a new level of professionalism.

Key Features

1. Customizable Watermarks

Personalize your PDF documents with customizable watermarks. uMark PDF Watermarker Professional 1.2 allows users to add text, images, logos, or QR codes as watermarks, tailoring the appearance to match specific branding or security needs.

2. Batch Watermarking

Efficiently process multiple PDF files with uMark PDF Watermarker Professional’s batch watermarking feature. Save time by applying watermarks to entire folders or batches of PDFs, ensuring consistent branding or protection across multiple documents.

3. Text and Image Watermarks

Choose between text and image watermarks to suit your document requirements. uMark PDF Watermarker Professional 1.2 supports both text and image-based watermarks, providing flexibility in creating watermarks that align with your branding or security preferences.

4. QR Code Watermarks

Enhance document interactivity with QR code watermarks. uMark PDF Watermarker Professional allows users to embed QR codes as watermarks, enabling readers to quickly access additional information or URLs directly from the PDF.

5. Watermark Placement Control

Take precise control over watermark placement within your PDF documents. uMark PDF Watermarker Professional offers flexible placement options, allowing users to define the exact position, size, and orientation of the watermark for each page.

6. Transparency and Opacity Settings

Adjust the transparency and opacity of watermarks for a subtle or prominent appearance. uMark PDF Watermarker Professional 1.2 provides users with fine-tuned control over the visibility of watermarks, ensuring they complement the PDF content without being overly intrusive.

7. Password Protection

Secure your PDF documents with password protection. uMark PDF Watermarker Professional 1.2 allows users to add password protection to watermarked PDFs, ensuring an additional layer of security for confidential or sensitive content.

System Requirements

Operating System:

– Windows 10/8/7 (32-bit or 64-bit)


– 1 GHz or faster, dual-core processor


– 2GB RAM or higher

Hard Disk:

– 50MB of free space for installation


– 1024×768 screen resolution or higher


– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or later


Q: Is uMark PDF Watermarker Professional available as a full version?

A: Yes, uMark PDF Watermarker Professional is available as a full version with all features and functionalities unlocked.

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