Bentley RAM Structural System Full Version Activated 2024

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Introduction to Bentley RAM Structural System

Bentley RAM Structural System stands as an advanced and comprehensive software solution tailored for structural engineers and designers. It provides a robust set of tools for analyzing, designing, and modeling complex structural systems across various industries. This software is renowned for its efficiency in handling intricate structural design challenges, enabling engineers to perform accurate analyses, optimize designs, and ensure compliance with global building codes and standards.

Key Features of Bentley RAM Structural System

1. Integrated Structural Analysis:

Offers integrated tools for comprehensive structural analysis, including finite element analysis (FEA), dynamic analysis, modal analysis, and response spectrum analysis, ensuring accurate structural performance predictions.

2. Steel and Concrete Design:

Empowers engineers with advanced design capabilities for both steel and concrete structures, enabling compliance checks with various international design codes and standards.

3. Foundation Design and Optimization:

Includes tools for the design and optimization of foundation systems, covering shallow and deep foundations, ensuring stability and safety of the structure.

4. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Integration:

Seamlessly integrates with BIM platforms, allowing for collaborative workflows, efficient data exchange, and improved project coordination among stakeholders.

5. Structural Detailing and Documentation:

Facilitates detailed structural documentation and drawing generation, streamlining the documentation process for regulatory compliance and construction purposes.

6. Parametric Modeling:

Provides parametric modeling capabilities for efficient creation, modification, and analysis of complex structural models, enhancing design flexibility and productivity.

7. Load Generation and Analysis:

Enables precise load generation and analysis, considering various load types and combinations to simulate real-world conditions and ensure structural integrity.

8. Performance-Based Design:

Supports performance-based design approaches, allowing engineers to optimize designs based on specific performance criteria and project objectives.

9. Material Libraries and Code Compliance:

Comes with extensive material libraries and ensures compliance with an array of international building codes and standards, simplifying the design process and ensuring accuracy.

10. Seismic Analysis and Design:

Offers advanced tools for seismic analysis and design, essential for structures in seismic-prone regions, ensuring safety and resilience against seismic events.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 10 (64-bit) or higher.


Multi-core processor, Intel Core i7 or equivalent recommended.


Minimum 16 GB RAM (32 GB or more recommended) for optimal performance.


Minimum 30 GB free disk space for installation and additional space for project data.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – Bentley RAM Structural System

Q: Is Bentley RAM Structural System a pre-activated full version?

A: Yes, Bentley RAM Structural System comes as a full version upon purchase, eliminating the need for activation.

Q: Can this software handle seismic analysis for complex structures?

A: Absolutely, Bentley RAM Structural System offers advanced tools specifically designed for seismic analysis and design of complex structures, ensuring compliance with seismic codes and standards.

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