Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle Full Crack Activated 2024

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Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle is an indispensable tool for database administrators and developers working with Oracle databases. This software provides a robust and efficient solution for comparing and synchronizing data between Oracle database tables, allowing users to identify and reconcile differences with ease. With an intuitive user interface and powerful features, Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle streamlines the data comparison process, enabling users to maintain data consistency and accuracy across Oracle databases. Whether you are dealing with large-scale datasets or complex database structures, this tool ensures precision and efficiency in data synchronization, saving valuable time and minimizing the risk of errors in your Oracle database management.

Designed to meet the demanding needs of Oracle professionals, Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle offers a range of features that empower users to handle diverse data comparison scenarios. From seamless deployment of changes to safeguarding data integrity, this software provides a comprehensive toolkit for managing data disparities in Oracle databases. Explore the capabilities of Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle and elevate your database management experience with advanced functionalities tailored for Oracle environments.

Key Features

1. Precise Data Comparison

Perform precise data comparisons with Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle, ensuring accurate identification of differences at the row and column levels within Oracle database tables.

2. Synchronization Script Generation

Automatically generate synchronization scripts to apply changes from one database to another. Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle simplifies the deployment of data changes, maintaining consistency across Oracle databases.

3. Row-Level and Column-Level Comparison

Gain granular control over data comparison by conducting row-level and column-level comparisons. This feature allows users to focus on specific elements of the data for a more detailed analysis.

4. Snapshot Comparison

Utilize snapshot comparisons to compare data at different points in time. Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle facilitates historical data analysis, supporting effective auditing and tracking of changes over time.

5. Command Line Automation

Automate data comparison and synchronization tasks using the command line interface. Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle provides flexibility for integration into automated database maintenance processes.

6. Data Filtering and Mapping

Apply customizable filters and mappings to refine data comparison results. This feature enables users to focus on specific subsets of data, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of comparison outcomes.

7. User-Friendly Interface

Experience an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the data comparison and synchronization process. Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle ensures a seamless user experience, reducing the learning curve for new users.

8. Integration with Oracle SQL Developer

Integrate seamlessly with Oracle SQL Developer, enhancing the workflow for database professionals. Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle supports a collaborative environment, facilitating efficient data management within the Oracle ecosystem.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.


1 GHz or faster processor.


2 GB RAM or higher recommended.

Hard Disk Space:

50 MB of free hard disk space for installation.

Oracle Database:

Compatible with Oracle Database 10g and above.


Q: Is there a trial version available?

A: Yes, Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle offers a trial version with limited features for users to explore before making a purchase. To access the full version, activation with a valid license key is required.

Q: How can I activate the full version?

A: To activate the full version, use the provided license key during the installation process. Ensure an internet connection for seamless activation and access to all features.

Q: Is Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle pre-activated?

A: No, the full version of Red Gate Data Compare for Oracle requires activation with a valid license key. The trial version is available for exploration, but activation is necessary for access to all functionalities.

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